Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions for the private limited liability company Budget Bridal World B.V., also doing business as www.budgetbridalworld.com and its associated enterprises.

Article 1. – Definitions In these General Conditions, the following terms are defined as follows:

  • Website: the website www.budgetbridalworld.com, maintained by the private limited liability  company Budget Bridal World B.V.  hereinafter referred to as: BudgetBridalWorld;
  • Advertisement: an advertisement placed on the website in which second-hand and new bridle  products and/or services are offered and/or requested;
  • Advertiser: the party placing an advertisement on the website; - User: the party making use of the website other than as an advertiser;
  • Agreement: any Agreement between advertiser and user arising from the use of the website;
  • Personal information: personal information issued by the advertiser or user including name, address and e-mail address.

Article 2. - Applicability
2.1 These General Conditions apply to the relationship between advertisers and/or users on the one hand and BudgetBridalWorld
       on the other.
2.2 The applicability of any General Conditions other than these is excluded.

Article 3. - Placing an advertisement
3.1 By placing an advertisement on the website, an Agreement arises between the Advertiser and BudgetBridalWorld.
       Both the General Conditions of Use indicated on the website and these General Conditions apply in this respect.
3.2 By providing an advertisement, the Advertiser gives BudgetBridalWorld permission to place (or have placed) the information,
       including any photo material and/or hyperlinks included in the advertisement on the website.
3.3 BudgetBridalWorld shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that the Advertiser receives responses to his advertisement.
      It will do this by making the website available and making it as accessible as possible, and by generating an index and by
      keeping the website in its entirety attractive and publicizing it. BudgetBridalWorld is expressly not a party to any Agreement
      that may arise between Advertiser and User making use of the website.

Article 4. - Advertisement content
4.1 Advertiser shall ensure that the description of the bridal product and/or service on offer corresponds with reality
       and is therefore accurate and complete.
4.2 When offering bridal products and/or services on the website, Advertiser is entitled to place photo material.
4.3 The information supplied by Advertiser in an advertisement or in subsequent contact must be directly related
      to the bridal product and/or service for sale or sought.
4.4 An advertisement may only be placed in the section in which the particular bridal products and/or services
      on offer belong accordingto their nature and type.
4.5 The rest of the content of the advertisement must also comply with the General Conditions of Use for the
      content of advertisements as indicated on the website, the content of which is deemed to be repeated and included here.
4.6 BudgetBridalWorld retains the right to remove advertisements prematurely and without giving cause, to abbreviate
       or to change advertisement texts and/or to remove any photo links or photo material entered. BudgetBridalWorld shall
       proceed to do so in the event that, but not exclusively in that case, actions are in contravention of these General Conditions
       or of the General Conditions for Use referred to in section 4.5.In none of the instances referred to in this subsection
       shall the Advertiser have any right whatsoever to compensation for damages
4.7 The Advertiser is required to ensure immediately that the advertisement is removed or changed as soon as a bridal product
      and/or serviceoffered therein is no longer available.

Article 5. - Indemnification
5.1 Advertiser shall ensure that the advertisement and/or the bridal products and/or services offered in the advertisement
      do not infringe anythird party rights, including intellectual property rights and that these do not contravene any law and/or
      regulation, and are not offensive, obscene, insulting, improper or misleading.
5.2 Advertiser indemnifies BudgetBridalWorld against all claims by third parties based on alleged non-compliance with the
       provisions of subsection 5.1. Advertiser is liable for all costs incurred by BudgetBridalWorld in defense of such matters. 

Article 6. - Limitation of liability
6.1 Except in the event of intent or gross negligence, BudgetBridalWorld is not liable for any damages, either
       direct or indirect, arising from the use that advertisers and/or users make of the website. BudgetBridalWorld is
       not liable for the actions of advertisers and/or users, nor for the content of advertisements, nor for the bridal products
        and services that are offered.
6.2 Information placed by BudgetBridalWorld itself on the website has been composed with considerable care.
      Nonetheless, BudgetBridalWorld is not liable for any inaccuracies or incompleteness that may occur in this.
6.3 Any and all liability for indirect damages to advertisers or users, including consequential damage, lost profits,
      lost savings, loss due to business interruption and damage from the loss of information is expressly rejected.
6.4 Should BudgetBridalWorld be considered liable for direct damages, then that maximum liability is limited at all
      times to the amount that BudgetBridalWorld’s insurance company will pay out in that case. Should the insurance
       company proceed not to pay out, for whatever reason, then BudgetBridalWorld's maximum liability is limited at all
      times to no more than twice the invoice value of the contract, subject to a maximum of € 1,000.

Article 7. – Helpdesk
7.1 BudgetBridalWorld makes a Helpdesk available to advertisers and users. Here, they can ask questions by e-mail
     about problems they may have with placing advertisements.
7.2 The Helpdesk will answer questions asked of it to the best of its ability. However, recommendations are followed
       at one's own risk. BudgetBridalWorld is not liable for any damages arising from recommendations given by the Helpdesk.

Article 8. - Use of Personal information
8.1 If the website is used, the information - including but not limited to name, address, email address - must be complete,
       correct and up-to-date. User and Advertiser guarantee that they are legally authorized to make use of the website in
       any manner whatsoever.
8.2 BudgetBridalWorld records information in the context of our provision of services. BudgetBridalWorld uses this information
       for the performance of the relevant Agreement and for its other services. User and Advertiser may also ask the Helpdesk to
       provide insight into the personal information of the User and the Advertiser that is processed, and that any personal
       information processed incorrectly be corrected.
8.3 Personal information shall be provided to third parties solely under the conditions described here, whenever there is a
       technical requirement to do so, or in order to comply with a request from an investigating officer and/or from parties
       charged with law enforcement in the context of countering misuse of the website. In the latter case, information concerning
      IP addresses may also be made available.
8.4 General visitor information is maintained on the website without identifying these visitors. The purpose of this is to optimize
     the structure of the website
8.5 Cookies are small pieces of information (small files) that a website leaves behind on your computer.
       BudgetBridalWorld May use cookies to make navigation of the website easier, to be able to analyze the website and,
       with this information, to be able to optimize the website. This information may also be used to place more focused
      information on the site.
8.6 Users and advertisers are not permitted to make use of (personal) information obtained via the website for purposes of
       concluding any Agreement. Its use for any other purpose is forbidden, including: sending (unsolicited) e-mail(s) whose
       content is not directly  related to the content of the advertisement, regardless of whether the messages are of a commercial
       nature; collecting the e-mail addresses of users and/or advertisers.  More information about the use of personal information
       from BudgetBridalWorld can be found on the Privacy policy page.

Article 9. - Security 
9.1 BudgetBridalWorld makes all reasonable efforts to secure its systems against loss and/or any form of unauthorized use
      and takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to this end, including taking the current state of the art of
       technology into account.
9.2 However, BudgetBridalWorld is not liable for the loss of information, damage to files, access to computers and/or files
       obtained without authorization, viruses or other unlawful programs and/or files spread via advertisements and/or any
       other consequence from the use of the website.


Article 10. - Third-party websites and services
10.1 The website and advertisements may contain references (by means of a hyperlink, banner or button, for example)
         to third-party websites. BudgetBridalWorld has no authority over these websites and is not responsible for the content
        of these websites.
10.2 If and to the extent that use is made of the services of external service providers, then the conditions and privacy
          regulations of these service providers apply. BudgetBridalWorld is not responsible for the legal activities and/or
         policy of these service providers.

Article 11. – Responses
11.1 Responding to advertisements for bridal products via the website takes place on a voluntary basis and serves as a
          possibility for Advertiser and User to reach agreement within one another. The ultimate conclusion of an Agreement
          takes place in direct contact between Advertiser and User. BudgetBridalWorld is in no way whatsoever a party to this.
11.2 It is expressly not intended that responses be made to advertisements if the User is not actually interested.
         Misuse of responses to advertisements on the website will not be tolerated and will result in exclusion from use.

Article 12. – Exclusion
12.1 BudgetBridalWorld retains the right to exclude advertisers and users from any use of the website in the event of any
         contravention whatsoever of the law, public order, decency and/or these General Conditions.
12.2 The exclusion intended by the aforementioned subsection is without prejudice to BudgetBridalWorld's right to take
          legal measures and/or to claim compensation of damages.

Article 13. - Intellectual property
13.1 All intellectual property rights with respect to the website, including the texts, images, design, photos, image and/or
         audio materials, formats, software, brands and domain names are vested with BudgetBridalWorld or its licensors.
13.2 Except in the general sense of linking to the website, users and advertisers are forbidden to duplicate the website or
         any portion thereof or to make this available (by means of deep linking or otherwise) without BudgetBridalWorld's permission.

Article 14. - Payment and collection costs
14.1 The Advertiser must pay invoices before the advertisement(s) are placed on the website; the invoices must be paid in a
         manner to be indicated by BudgetBridalWorld by means of online payment (Ideal, PayPal, etc.) and in the currency of the
         invoice, unless BudgetBridalWorld indicates otherwise in writing.
14.2 Should the Advertiser not comply with this correctly or in a timely manner, then BudgetBridalWorld has the right to
          discontinue providing services to the Advertiser. All the advertisement costs, plus the resulting expenses, continue to be
           payable to BudgetBridalWorld by the Advertiser.

14.3. Should the Advertiser remain in breach of timely payment of an invoice/installment, then the Advertiser is legally in default.
         In this case, interest of 1% per month or the legal (commercial) interest rate, whichever rate is higher, is payable by the
         Advertiser. The interest on the amount due shall be calculated from the moment the Advertiser is in default until the
         moment of payment of the entire outstanding amount.

14.4. BudgetBridalWorld is entitled to have the payments made by Advertiser apply in the first instance to the reduction of
         expenses incurred, and then to the reduction of the interest payable and, finally, to the reduction of the principal payable
          and corresponding interest thereon.
14.5 Advertiser is at no time entitled to set off the amount payable to BudgetBridalWorld.
14.6 Objections to the amount of an invoice do not mitigate Advertiser's obligation to pay.
14.7 Should the Advertiser remain in breach or in default of (timely) compliance with his obligations, then the Advertiser shall
        also be liable for collection costs amounting to at least fifteen percent (15%) of the unpaid amount, without prejudice to
        BudgetBridalWorld's authority to claim any extra-judicial collection costs actually incurred. Any extra-judicial collection costs
         and costs of notice actually incurred shall also be for the account of the Advertiser.

Article 15. - Final provisions
15.1 The invalidity of any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall have no effect on the binding nature of the remaining
15.2 The Agreement between BudgetBridalWorld and Advertiser is subject to Dutch law. All disputes arising from this Agreement
         that cannot be resolved in proper mutual consultation shall be brought exclusively before the District Court of
        Zeeland-West Brabant.
15.3 These General Conditions may be amended by BudgetBridalWorld. The amended conditions are immediately available on
          the website. Amended General Conditions apply immediately to the relationship between advertisers and/or users on the
          one hand and BudgetBridalWorld on the other.





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