How to Buy and Sell Safely

How to Buy and Sell Safely.

Buying or selling anything online can feel daunting – especially when it is such an important item like a wedding gown. But it can become an easy and safe transaction if you follow these rules:

We strongly recommend to use a secure payment method for the transaction. Paypal and iDeal both offer a safe and secure payment method.  We strongly recommend you to use one of these methods.

We do not recommend to use checks, wire transfers and money orders because there is too much room for fraud with these options.

Never ship your dress until the full payment has been made. Deposits and payment plans are fine if agreed to by both the buyer and the seller; but a gown or accessory should not be shipped until payment has been received in full.

If you feel suspicious about a buyer or seller, let us know at questions@budgetbridalworld.com. Red flags for extreme urgency, poor grammar, use of a third party shipper and if they are unable to provide pictures of the actual dress. Make sure you trust your instinct!

What should i do if i am suspicious about a scam? Make sure to email us at scam@budgetbridalworld.com and make sure to collect as much information as possible. We can help you verify the legitimacy of the correspondence and answer any questions. Every scam report makes the site safer for everybody! BudgetBridalWorld.com investigates any reports of fraud or scam. Additionally, we have the opportunity to delete or block advertisers using our website. The majority of online buyers and sellers are honest people, but there are always people trying to take advantage of others.




By BudgetBridalWorld.com
on 2015-05-09

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