What is my wedding dress worth?

If you want to find out what your wedding dress is worth, use the wedding dress value calculator. This calculator will require you to fill in some information about your dress, after this is done it will estimate the value.


   How long does it usually take for a dress to sell?

That may vary from dress to dress, it all depends on the style, designer, age, condition and price. The average selling time on BudgetBridalWorld is 40 days.


   How much does it cost to put my dress up for sale?

It will cost $15 to put your wedding dress up for sale. This is a one time fee untill the dress is sold, there are no subscriptions or other hidden charges. Neither is there a commission on the sale of the dress. Put your dress up for sale right now by clicking here!


   What if my dress designer isn't listed?

If your dress designer isnt listed, make sure to select ''Other'' from the dropdown list. Manually write down your dress designer name, this will make sure it will be found using the search engine.


   Is it recommended to offer a returning policy?

We recommend to offer a returning policy, because buying a wedding dress is a very emotional and financial decision. Knowing you have the ability to return the dress you baught if it really doesnt fit or flatter, makes the buying party much more comfortable knowing so.
If you chose to go forward with offering a return policy we suggest doing the following:

1. The buyer should be the one responsible for insurance and shipping charges both ways. Do not forget shipping fees are not refundable in the case of a return!
2. Think about charging a returning fee, about 2-10% of your selling price. This way only serious buyers will take advantage of your offer.
3. The return policy should be offered for a limited period. For example th buyer should notify you within 24 hours and should have ship the item abck within 5 working days of receipt.

An interested buyer contacted me, what now?

Who pays for the shipping costs and how much will it cost?
The seller decides who pays the shipping costs you can either;
• Pay for the shipping costs yourself
• Make the buyer pay for the shipping costs
• Share the shipping costs between both
Usually the sellers specify the shipping as a buyer cost, and it will be added to the selling price at the time of the sale. The cost of the shipping will be determined by the following;

• Shipping method
• Shipping speed
• Size of the box


   How are the dress prices determined?

The price will be set by the seller and are completely at his/her discretion. The wedding value dress calculator will give you an estimated price.


   What kind of pictures do i use for listing my dress?

Clear images are very important for the sale of your dress. We recommend to put up pictures of the front, back and all details of your dress. It is also a good idea to take pictures of the dress being worn. Another option is to find images of your dress by brand and style number in the website.


   Is it possible to put my dress up for sale if i live outside of the United States or Europe?

Of course, it is possible to sell your dress from any location worldwide! We have vendors and sellers from a lot of places in the world.


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